The Art Academy of Long Island, like so many other businesses currently, was not in a position to withstand being shuttered for two months. The economic blow to the studio is a blunt reality that is still ongoing. We do not know when things will be allowed to reopen and when that happens, we do not know what that will look like and how we will run classes with the impending restrictions. With growing bills, the only option we have is to close the studio.


The Art Academy of Long Island was opened to foster and grow creative artists. I personally never intended for it to be a place that grew debt. I cannot allow the studio to sit with closed doors and be a financial burden. So, to begin, this letter is to inform you that The Art Academy of Long Island will not be reopening at the studio location.


Now, there are many questions I am sure you have as well as pangs of sadness, for this pandemic has drastically altered the societal landscape so many of us have grown to love. And loss is painful. So, first and foremost, I want you to know how grateful I am for the discoveries we have made together in the studio, the growth I have seen from each of you, and the commitment to art that you have brought over the 3+ years to the studio. This is a success and something to celebrate. Next, I want to remind you that art flourishes and survives, even in the darkest of times. Humanity has always found a way to express itself through creativity, and this global pandemic is no different. And that the loss of the studio will make way for something else to bloom.

As you may have gathered, I have been creating a new structure to continue working with students. Due to the pandemic and financial crisis issues, the current model of the studio and 10 student classes needs to be transformed.


What I have come up with will allow for health restrictions to be followed much more effectively while still engaging together. With that said, what I will be transitioning to is two fold: once things open back up I will have in-person, one-on-one Art Coaching sessions. I am also excited to step out of the studio and host art events.


One-on-One Art Coaching (Start Date TBA!)

  •  We will work together on any current project you may have, or I will help you decide on a new project

  •  Aid in acquiring the right tools you will need

  •  Guide you with questions, tips, advice

  •  Teach technique tailored to your specific goal

  •  I will have a travel set of supplies (easel/pallet/brushes) to bring to your home or agreed workspace

  •  Together, we will come up with things to work on until our next One-on-One

  •  Booking will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

  •  Portfolio development for college applications

Small Group Painting Events (teens & adults only)

  •  Events listed on a public calendar

  •  Plein air painting in the park

  •  Gallery tours in Chelsea

  •  Student art shows with peer critiques

  •  Prices determined per event