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The Art Academy Long Island


The Story

Our program is designed to enhance an artist's craft through education and structure to achieve extraordinary results, from beginners to skilled artist.

For artists at every level the Art Academy provides a relaxing environment with a result driven program of foundational art training. We believe that understanding the technical proficiency of art is the foundation of all good art. 

The foundation of the Academy is charcoal rendering and oil painting classes. In addition to these fundamental classes, the Academy offers special events for the community to gather in artistic expression. Specialty nights include live model drawings, parties, community and corporate development, open mic storytelling and more.

The Art Academy is a space for artists of all levels to come and feel at home in their creative journey. The Academy is also available for artistic related parties and events.


The Staff

James Anzalone

James graduated from Stony Brook University with a degrees in fine art & biology. He has worked with many mediums, including watercolor, pottery, glass, digital, papermaking, lithography, intaglio, photography, charcoal, and of course oils.  After college he worked in graphic design for several years before studying with portrait painter Kevin Murphy in 2014. 
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Vivian Goldman

Vivian is a passionate artist who specializes in all phases of Portrait Painting, including pet portraits and religious artwork. She enjoys working in both oil and acrylic painting and has an exceptional level of polish and detail! Vivian instructs the youth painting and crafting classes at Art Academy.

The Schedule

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The Program

Teen & Adult Class - Learn to draw a straight line & paint a masterpiece!

Whats included? charcoal pencils, paper, drawing board, brushes, pallet knife, pallet paper, canvas, liquid mediums (oil paint not included)

What do I need? an eagerness to learn, strong desire to create art, the ability to relax while having fun, and a membership!

This class offers teens and adults a place to begin the study of core fundamentals needed to create artwork of exceptional quality for any purpose.  The program begins with charcoal exercises that introduce students to working with value - we create with value, not line.  Once you're comfortable with the tools we start applying them to photo-realistic rendering done from photograph - here you will develop your eyes, patience and quality control.  Now that the bar is set high, we will begin observational study or drawing from life - you'll learn to create accurately proportioned drawings, further developing your eyes and hands.  Once you grasp the process of life drawing, its time for painting! Students begin working in grayscale, always relying on value to create form, not color or line.  Switching between painting from life and working from photographs we will slowly introduce color. SIGN ME UP!

Youth Class - A place for kids, ages 8 to 12, to learn the building blocks of great art!

Whats included? charcoal pencils, paper, drawing board

What do they need? to sit in a chair for 1 hour, an eagerness to learn, strong desire to create art, the ability to relax while having fun, and a membership!

This class offers younger students a place to begin the study of drawing fundamentals, taking their first footsteps on the path to developing exceptional artistic skills. Students will develop patience, mental stamina, quality control and the critical thinking necessary to progress as an artist.  We begin with charcoal exercises that introduce students to working with value - we create with value, not line.   When a student shows that they can follow the steps to working with value we start applying them to fun drawings - we have a library of images for students to work with until they're ready to venture on to their own designs.  From there they will learn to draw observation (Just like the adults!) When a young student shows they understand the process of life drawing, has a desire to further their skills and can sit still for 2.5 hours they're welcomed to move into the Teen & Adult class where they will begin to work in oil paint. SIGN ME UP!

Comics & Concept Art - Introduction to comic art for students 15 & up.

Whats included?  drafting board, drafting ruler, french curve  kneaded eraser, drafting eraser, and charcoals for figure drawing

What do they need? .05 HB Mechanical pencil, 11x17 sketch pad


This 2.5 hour class will feature and cover different mediums through which genre art is produced. This includes sequential art and comic books, or conceptual art such as development illustrations in the form of paintings and character sheets. The purpose of this class is to introduce students to comic art and concept art, and to improve their visual skills so that they may excel at storytelling, anatomy, and two point perspective. Students will gain knowledge in these disciplines, and discover the connection between classical work and today's genre art. CALL TO BOOK TODAY!

Youth Painting - A place for kids ages 7-12 to experience a acrylic painting

Whats included? All the supplies needed for our projects are included

What do they need? an interest in creating art and a smock!

our youth painting program for kids ages 7-12 meets on Sunday afternoons from 2:30-4:30.  This program is run over 6 consecutive weeks, check our booking calendar for availability!

In this class, kids will be working closely with one of our skilled painters and working on a selection of seasonal paintings and a few crafts! All our projects can be adjusted to be more challenging or less for each student. 


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