Creativity takes couragE

-Henri Matisse


I've always been interested in art. Since childhood I have identified myself as an artist, and it continues to be my strongest identity.  In college I studied a variety of media, including watercolor, pottery, glass, digital, papermaking, lithography, intaglio, photography, charcoal, and oil paints.  After school, I worked as a graphic designer, but found it creatively limiting, so I continued to study in fine art, working with portrait painter Kevin Murphy. 

In 2016 I opened my first studio space on Long Island where I enjoyed cultivating an educational space for artists to feel safe in exploring and creating with art.  I worked with students of all levels, both children and adults.  In the studio we worked from the ground up, starting with basic rendering and life drawing with charcoal and progressing into finished portrait done with oil paint.  


How Can I Help You

Get the most out of your sessions by answering all the prompts when you book. What are your strengths? weaknesses? long term aspirations?  Do you have a favorite artists? The more information you share, the better I can help you achieve your creative goals. 
  • a one-on-one session where we get to work on your specific interests.

    1 hr


  • a one-on-one session where we get to work on your specific interests.

    2 hr


  • Acrylic painting party for up to 10

    3 hr




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